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Cafe Oklahoma Cookbook: Sample Recipes

Welcome to Cafe Oklahoma
Oklahoma is a unique blend of the Old South and the Old West with a varied culture and a menu to match.  Cafe Oklahoma presents it all ? from hearty Sooner specialties like Red Dirt Chili, Prairie Pancakes and Oklahoma Caviar, to luscious delicacies like Peppercorn Tenderloin, White Chocolate Cheesecake and Cilantro Chicken with Fettucine.  The Cafe Oklahoma Cookbook gives you a wild variety of savory dishes with origins from all over ? just like Oklahoma herself.  But whether it?s from the Heart of Europe or the Heart of Dixie, every dish is spiced with something unique ? a heartiness and hospitality you?ll find only in the Heart of Oklahoma.

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Sooner Salsa
Oklahoma Crude Cake
Pawhuska Potato Salad
Hickory Ribs

Cafe Oklahoma Cookbook: Sample Stories
A Tradition of Outlawry
  If there's a touch of larceny in the Sooner soul, we come by it, well, honestly...

First Wedding in Oklahoma
  It was a brilliant day, November 16, 1907, and the ceremony was lavish ....

Maybe Rome Wasn't Built in a Day
  And line up they did, weeks in advance...